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Explainer, promo & viral social media video production


In short… we are the greatest video production company of all time. While others sleep, we produce videos … while others, eat we produce videos … We are Video. Video Chef!

We have been in business since 2013 and so far we’ve helped various worldwide businesses with over 4000 infographics, 700 presentations, and 700 videos.

We produce videos for SaaS, Apps, websites, tutorial & training, blockchain, ICO and cartoons for kids 🙂

With over 700 videos in our portfolio, we have a deep understanding on efficient visual communication.

Our mission is to remove doubt and confusion from your client`s prospects and increase their sales.

Furthermore, any company from your network can benefit from our services!

I visualize your video utilizing your brand’s feel and colors through the second-person benefit oriented storytelling structure as:
how it works
social proof
call to action

All above elements help us to push hot buttons of your prospects through their problem and release the tension through your solution. This allows us to further persuade them through “social proof” and “call to action” to perform an action that you need from them.

Based on the script:
we create storyboard:
which we later turn into an animation:

Everything included, from script to music, sound effects, pro voice over, custom graphic animation. Produced with one goal…to increase your sales, signups, calls, etc



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